This first part load AucTeX when file is opened, turn on reftex, enable hook for math, turn on pdf by default instead of dvi, command. Use Auctex add-ons to emacs’ latex-mode (at GNU) After running LATEX you will have file (as well as other files) In emacs/Auctex type C-c C-c latex. (when (and (boundp ‘auctex-dir) (not (featurep ‘tex-site))) archive/html/auctex//msghtml Imposta `auctex-dvi-viewer’ e.

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This site uses cookies. I’ve been using emacs with AUCTeX mode to edit my latex documents for a few days now, but there’s something that’s really bugging me. The viewer of the first item with a positively evaluated predicate is selected.

Any ideas on how to akctex this and make it my default compile process by using my init file? Alternatively you can type C-c C-v which calls the function TeX-view.

If you are not satisfied with those and want to overwrite one of them or add your own definitions, you can do so via the variables TeX-view-predicate-list and TeX-view-program-list. I’m not sure how your workflow is, as you don’t describe it.

By the way, the display of line numbers with Vim is better, so if you want to get it, try to use Vim. In interactive mode, TeX will pause with an error prompt when errors are encountered and wait for the user to type something.

The first element of each list item is a symbol and the second element a Lisp form to be evaluated. The time now is The only advice someone should tell is: This decision is based on the output files present in the working directory as well as the class and style options used in the document.


Umut Tabak 1 2 The idea is that you compile the file with C-c C-c which runs latex on the file and you hit C-c C-c a second time which then runs dvipdfmx. If you want to activate it for a certain AUCTeX mode only, set the variable in the respective mode hook. I am using psfrag for figures quite often and generating my figures in eps format. In our case, that’s the filename that emacs automatically appends after all of this.

I found out I can focus the xdvi window with the command wmctrl -a main main is the title of the xdvi window. Ben Veal 11 1. Post as a guest Name. See the doc string for the exact format to use. I guess I made quite some progress with the input of Arash in the below answer but there is a very small thing that is not clear. The installation will take some time to process.

Note, you might want to try this with pdf as your compilation output; at least to me, it seems that auto-revert is much more responsive with pdfs. Note that TeX-engine is buffer-local, so setting the variable directly or via the above mentioned menu or function will not take effect in other buffers.

You can also add entries to TeX-engine-alist in order to add support for engines not covered per default. When this div is non-nil and the viewer fvi compatible with evince, the focus is pulled back to Emacs immediately after the viewer is invoked or refreshed from within AUCTeX. Sign up using Dvl. AUCTeX comes with a set of preconfigured predicates and viewer commands which are stored in the variables TeX-view-predicate-list-builtin and TeX-view-program-list-builtin respectively.

at last, just tells

In the future I will continue to use Vim. This is controlled by ConTeXt-Mark-version option. Usually dvipdfmx command is used for this purpose. So TeX-view-program-selection only contains references to the actual implementations of predicates and viewer commands respectively which can be found elsewhere.


AUCTeX Options for TeX Processors

Is there a way around this problem? If you try to compile a document which loads one of such packages and the set engine is not one of those allowed you will be asked to select a different engine before running the LaTeX command.

These eventually set the variable TeX-engine which you can also modify directly. So if you often type a word, define an abbreviation. Latex succesfully compiled the document to dvi format. Digging a little, I found out that the command ” wmctrl -a main ” gives focus to xdvi “main” is the title of the xdvi window.

The below code is a minimal example which also uses psfrag and does what I would like to perform if I set C-c C-t C-p explicitly after saving this code in a file, say, simple. In case none of the entries in TeX-view-style match either, no suggestion for a viewer is made. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Values currently supported are:. But, I am still after how to set the viewer and let it open the resulting pdf file, I still could not accomplish that part. This element is optional and is used to check whether the viewer is actually available on the system.