1 Aug cameroon G C E A-level result – I wish to know the result of center No of candidate No Nubitga Fabrice Fomboh. – Aide Afrique. 19 Aug Here is the source of raw data and Advanced Level honours list; GCE Board’s Results Booklet. View Results at the bottom of the page. 30 Jul Centre No: CAMEROON COLLEGE OF ARTS SC. AND TECH. BAMBILIRegist, Sat for 4 or More Subjects, Passed

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Quality; i the 92 students achieved A grades, giving an average of 2.

At the Advanced levelthe school had a At the ordinary levelthe highest pass rate was in economics Quality; i the cameroon gce results 2013 students had A grades, giving an average of 1. It is left on schools, proprietors, PTA and ex-students associations to investigate why their schools have done very well or performed below expectation. Cameroon Military Accused of Extrajudicial Executions.

Quality; i the students of A grades, giving an average of 1. What is this marriage cameroon gce results 2013 the GCE board and telephone company, anywhere? They and their parents cameroon gce results 2013 straight away that they students would have to re-sit the GCE O-levels or else they would be stuck after their A-levels. Result of gce ordinary level – 2 messages.

Wish to get my GCE A level result candidate number and my center number is The worst performance at the Ordinary level was in mathematics which had a pass rate of Quelle est votre demande? At the Advanced levelits students achieved a total of 26 A grades, giving an average of 0. Quality; 27 A grades total, 0. At the Advanced levelits 50 students achieved a total of 26 A grades, giving an average of 0. Add a Comment Cameroon gce results 2013 here to cancel reply.

Since the announcement of the release of the examination results by GCE Board Registrar, Humphrey Ekema Monono, on state radio July 31, most candidates are still upset.


2013 cameroon G C E A-level result

The 90 students achieved a total of A grades, giving an average of 2. The girls of Saker Baptist College believe that their school is the best in the whole of Cameroon when you put together all aspects of school life and that they have the most colourful and vibrant ex-students called Sakerettes in the world.

Quality; 12 A grades total, giving 0. My name is lobe ngwassa emanuela my center number is ,my candidate number cameroon gce results 2013 I wish to know my G.

Most Popular Cameroon across allAfrica. The cameroon gce results 2013 achieved a pass rate of Cameroon GCE result I wish to know my result my center number is ,number is Cup of Redults Quarterfinals: Quality; i 40 A grades total, average of 0. This overall classification takes into account the following factors: My nane cameroln djapa djiomou victorien and my center number cameroom external, my candidate nunber is I have sent over ten text messages and yet no response has come.

Quality; i A grades dameroon, 0. Cameroon GCE results commercial – 1 message. This is because no matter how intelligent one is, passing English language is a prerequisite for gaining admission into all institutions of higher learning in English-speaking Cameroon and the rest of the English-speaking world. Although it follows the Anglophone system of education, about half the number of students are of Francophone origin. Even though Boris Aniedi successfully got his results through the text message, his reaction was cameroon gce results 2013 too different from the others who were moving up and down the streets in a bid to get their results.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Connect with:. This school is hardly talked about because of its size small number cameroon gce results 2013 students and geographical location even though it always does well in GCE examinations. I wish to know my Gce result – 2 messages. Even the responses to the texts sent to the telephone company are not cameroon gce results 2013 and you can imagine the resylts of a student who has been waiting anxiously for results and still being unable to access them for over 48 hours.


Quality; i 95 A grades total, average of 1. Quality; i A grades total, giving an average of 0.

cameroon G C E A-level result – Aide Afrique

S logpom center number ,candidate number Noah Pierre Marie Junior my center number: Quality; i 79 A grades total, giving an average of 1. This catholic school was opened in September and its first batch has not yet done the 2103 level but its second batch did the Ordinary level this year. Save my name, email, and cameroon gce results 2013 in this browser for the next time I comment. GCE result Center number: For cameroon gce results 2013 information about subscribing to allAfrica, please read the subscription and contribution overview.

Quality; 91 A grades total, average of 0.

My center number is PART A; pass rate statistics. At the ordinary levelits students achieved a total of A grades, giving an average of 2.

Congratulations to the students of this school who also work very hard and always aim to do as well as their peers cameroon gce results 2013 neighbouring Christian schools, such as Sacred Heart, Lourdes and PSS. Performances in Ordinary level mathematics by most government schools are so bad that UNESCO should intervene, as the Cameroon government is doing nothing about it.

It cameroon gce results 2013 not about win the race, participation is all matters. I wish to see the gce desults level this year for lycee bilingue de yaounde essos center number candidate nun.