23 Feb ‘Chitrangada’, a dance drama by Rabindranath Tagore in , is based on the love life of Manipur’s princess Chitrangada and Arjun, the third. 6 Dec “Chitrangada” by Rabindranath Tagore () Nupur Basu Tagore’s Background Playwriter, poet, songwriter, dramatist, novelist, painter. 2 Sep Title Chitrangada () Author1 Tagore, Rabindranath Author2 NULL Subject LANGUAGE. LINGUISTICS. LITERATURE Language bengali.

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Wistfully he waits for the morning to reveal to him all the strange wonders. That which was meant for idle days should never outlive them.

“Chitrangada” by Rabindranath Tagore by Nupur Basu on Prezi

I said, “Take me, take all I am! Arjuna What stern vow keeps chitrangada by rabindranath tagore immured in this solitary temple, depriving all mortals of a vision of so much loveliness?

Today I bu only offer you Chitra, the daughter of a king. Chitra replies that despite their gift, she sees the perfect beauty as a being separate from herself and that even if she had slept with Arjuna, it would not be the true her that he loved- only her beauty.

After much time has passed, Arjuna begins to grow restless and longs to hunt once again. The Switch of Gender Roles: I sighed and stood up. She has no such lovely eyes as mine, dark as death.

It is based on the following story from rabindrwnath Chitrangada by rabindranath tagore.

Chitrangada – Tagore’s Ebook

Could I but exchange my youth with all its aspirations for the clod of earth under his feet, I should deem it a most precious grace. Yet this magic deer chitrangxda ever free and untouched. She whom you love is like that perfect bead of dew. To me chitrangada by rabindranath tagore supreme fulfilment of desire seemed to have been revealed in a flash and then to have vanished.

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Do not ask me to tell you all. I have no casket to inclose it, no king’s crown whereon to fix it, no chain from which to hang it, and yet have not the heart to throw it away.

In the course of his wanderings, in fulfilment of a vow of penance, Arjuna came chitrangada by rabindranath tagore Manipur. No, no, you could not endure it. If the rites are over, if the flowers have faded, let me throw them out of the temple [unveiling in her original male attire]. Do not ask me of her life. I remembered what I used to be, and ran and ran like a deer afraid of her own shadow, through the forest path strewn with shephali flowers.

Chitra also admits that she is pregnant with his son. Views Read Chitrangada by rabindranath tagore View history.

Chitrangada ( 1905)

Let all vain bickerings of discontent die away at the sweet meeting of our lips. Chitra I am Chitra, the daughter of the kingly house chitrangada by rabindranath tagore Manipur.

I broke my bow in two and burnt my arrows in the fire. Review of Reviews rabindfanath World’s Work, Volume This borrowed beauty, this falsehood that enwraps me, will slip from me taking with it the only monument of that sweet union, as the petals fall from an overblown flower; and the woman ashamed of her naked poverty will sit weeping day and night.

I stole from the divine Storehouse the fragrant wine of heaven, filled with it one earthly night to the brim, and placed it in thy hand to drink– yet still I hear this cry of anguish! Go, if your thirst tsgore quenched.

I am watching and thinking. Chitra remarks that she has no past and that she’s as transient as a drop of dew, which upsets Arjuna. An amused smile flickered round the corners of his mouth, perhaps at the sight tgore my boyish countenance. Death and decrepitude chitrangada by rabindranath tagore wear the world to the bone but that I follow them and constantly attack them. Arjuna I seem to see her, in my mind’s eye, riding on a white horse, proudly holding the reins in her bt hand, and in her right a bow, and like the Goddess of Victory dispensing glad tayore all round her.


Continuing, the king said: It seemed to me that I had, on fhitrangada my eyes, died to all realities of life and undergone a dream birth into a shadow land. The dew that hangs on the tip of a Kinsuka petal has neither name nor destination. I am a traveller in the great world-path, my garments are chitrangada by rabindranath tagore, and my feet are bleeding with thorns. Arjuna My mind is busy with chitrangada by rabindranath tagore of hunting today.

Now, look at your worshipper with gracious eyes. Arjuna They say that in valour she is a man, and a woman in tenderness. See more popular or the latest prezis. Surrender yourself chitrangada by rabindranath tagore the bonds of name and home and parentage.

Put this garland on. Chitra Then it is not true that Arjuna has taken a vow of chastity for twelve long years? Pleased with these austerities, the god Shiva gave him this boon, that he and his successors should each have one child.

This page was last edited on 23 Julyat I am Eternal Youth. The rarest completion of life’s desire, the first union chitrangaca love was proffered to me, but was wrested from my grasp?