This page full-color hardcover Army Book contains the rich and detailed background of the High Elves; a bestiary describing every unit, monster hero and war. Buy Warhammer Fantasy High Elves Army Book: Figure Kits – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Every Army Book is split into five main sections that deal with different aspects of the army. Warhammer Armies: High Elves contains: The Elves of Ulthuan.

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Mage – Reasonably priced, can carry nice Arcane items, and bok casting bump when casting High Magic can really help high elves 8th edition army book.

Archmage – Given the incredible Lore access and the potent magic items a Lord-level caster has access to, I struggle to find a good reason to not recommend him for pretty much every list.

The points increase of the stardragon and lack of items realy hurts that build, gook lot. If you decide to go Light, having a Lv. High Elves Unit Analysis Lords Alarielle the Radiant – I feel that she pushes you strongly in the “big block of Elite Unit X with a bunch of characters in it” playstyle especially when her Heirloom items are taken into considerationbut that’s not all bad when she gives you the incentive that she does.

Swordmasters of Hoeth – The quintessential “glass cannon” elite high elves 8th edition army book unit; they hit hard, but do not deal with getting hit back very well.

Just armmy sure you’re really getting your points worth. Just wanted to say that item reviews are finished, so the bulk of the legwork has been done. The Blade of Leaping Gold – Let’s take an already niche item in the Sword of Bloodshed, add an even higher points cost to it, and all for a marginal secondary effect!

Place something that has good threat range on the far sides of your army and use them as CR generators. Knights high elves 8th edition army book do quite poorly against White Lions.

Games Workshop Warhammer 8th Edition High Elves Hardcover Codex

If you charge now, and win a victory over your opponent, can you overrun into an important caster bunker in back? That said, a few named characters do have abilities and wargear or wargear combos unique to them, so if you need to have them, go ahead.

Griffon – It’s a bit squishy, but it has good offensive upgrades, and the ability to field it out of the Heroes allowance plays a big part in why I think it’s very much a viable choice. Tyrion – He’s tougher than your garden-variety Lord and has some pretty nice gear, but his price tag prohibits a bool casting presence alongside him in a lot of games, and I’m inclined to hold that against him.


Noble BSB – The first thing to point out is that I consider a Battle Standard-Bearer of some kind to be high elves 8th edition army book ; that said, the ability to field it on a flying mount which may confer a 18″ bubble, if you go for the Elvs can really get this effect to where you need it most, and putting him on an Elven Steed is a good way to add punch to that unit while keeping him relatively safe. The Loremasters xrmy, The High elves 8th edition army book.

This is a potent anti-armor tool, which is good to have as High Elves, because that’s something that can give you some trouble. However, the ability to wear Dragon Armor and the guarantee that you will have Flaming Sword of Rhuin make this unit usable, if a bit corner-case. You don’t want to spend a lot of points on these units, but they need to be there unless you have an extremely good reason not to high elves 8th edition army book them.

The combat res generated from the combined charge “should” win you combat.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/High Elves – 1d4chan

Core Archers – While they leves always look flashy, these guys are somewhat reasonably priced small arms fire troops that can fight a little, and that has value. A High Elf army must either be defensive or offensive, having a mix between the two means that your opponent is only ever facing high elves 8th edition army book of your army at any one time.

Magic can greatly skew the outcome of any combat you’re invested in.

As a general of high elves 8th edition army book given army, you must find a medium where you’re comfortable with the units you’ve taken, and you understand fully how they work. Once you think about the situation from your higg mindset, you counter it and deny him of it. So I see the magic very differently from Rothgar. With this in mind, I want to talk about a very specific spell and army-build:. Last edited by Toledo Inquisition on Thu Jun 20, 6: It goes without saying that high elves 8th edition army book army-wide -1S and T allow your troops to inflict more damage and take less in return.

Given the presence of potent elite infantry, Core heavy cavalry, lots of flying monsters, solid support for the Magic phase, and plenty of dedicated shooting units, units in the Higb Elves army can contribute everything from high Strength-attacks to flight to massed projectiles to potent spells, and everything in between.


Think about all the topics that were covered above. Unfortunately, most players think about this step immediately after the combat resolves. If your army has greater or equal to the number of drops he has total of units he can put down during deploymentyou’re in a good place. Sword of Might – While a Halberd does more or less the same thing, the fact that you can wear this with a shield high elves 8th edition army book a big deal if you ask me. We have a lot of shorter ranges in our High Magic spells.

Games Workshop Warhammer 8th Edition High Elves Hardcover Codex | eBay

If you won the game, think about the scenarios you could have done better. High armor troops can be destroyed by Mindrazor. You cannot post new topics in armyy forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. I’m interested in your thoughts on our mounts.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/High Elves

The bubble casting is definitely nice. I’m not much of a fan of fielding high elves 8th edition army book in units, so I won’t recommend it. Earthing Rod – A nice safety valve for miscasts at critical times. Moon Dragon – Not particularly bad, but it suffers greatly from the comparison to the Frostheart Phoenix, especially on the points front their abilities give the Phoenix a slight edge, and the Dragon is a lot more expensive as insult to injury.

Unless your army is designed to fight uphill battles, you should never slves this happen. In general, my reviews are based on two factors: Come to the dark side. What that results in is a relative value boost for medium units which are more able to fight enemies off than their equivalents in other armiesand while chaff units and lone models won’t get much out of it, it’s still a potent thing to have.

The best example of this is a giant high elves 8th edition army book of Skaveslaves vs. That’s why I buy every army book GW prints.