Korg’s -S^GS uses eight digitally encoded waveforms having we complex DW- Basic Functions This manual covers the followmg basic functions. $oiin£l. Download Service manual & Owner’s Manual for Korg DW Programmable Digital Waveform Synthesizer, musical instruments. | Visit SynthXL for more. KORG ID 42H. FORMAT ID 30H .. When using a computer for DW control and commu- nications, a system . UPPER CASE. UPPER CASE SUPPORT.

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If the DW is being used in a MIDI connected system and starts producing erratic results making a continuous sound, going out of tune, producing erratic modulation, etc. You have three choices which correspond to IB’ 16 footS’4′.

Guadaia ara, Jal Phone: You can, of course, temporarily change the Key Assign mode at any time while playing. On the DW, synthesis is straightforward, following basic synthesizer theory of pitch, timbre, and msnual parameters.


C Hal Kuo Mtjsical trstrument Co. That means that you now have the same sound at the old and new program number. Note that this erases the previous contents of the new program number. P0LY1 is the “standard” polyphonic keyboard mode, for playing chords and melody lines. The kort being played becomes the controlling sending synth. Results may be unpredictable If more units are used. To change the values of parameters, follow the steps described in the following section.

The lower the value, the more harmonics are cutoff, so the sound becomes progressively rounder or less bright. In the poly mode, the receiving synth will, of course, be limited by the number of voices that it has. Got it, continue to print. The power switch rear panel, side of left as seen from the rear.


This affects the timbre of the quencies pass through. The DW’s six voices are assigned sequentially as notes are played. If you play more than six notes, then the most recent notes will cancel out the earliest notes still sound- ing. The most recently selected channel number is retained by the DW-eOOO when power is turned on and off.

The DW separately ticulated “voices” “synthesizer ffiB manuxl. M When you get a “Good” message, you can stop the tape recorder. Note that if kory break point is lower than the sustain level, then the slope functions as a second attack.

On the DW, there are 34 parameters per program; each parameter has a number, and each parameter’s value is also represented by a number. O Mnual find the ID number for equipment connected to ttie computer.

You get fast, predictable results without the programming and control difficulties of “digital” systems. DECAY Rate Determines how long it takes for the volume or cutoff fre- quency to fail from its maximum attack level to the break point level. When the DW stores a sound in memory or calls it back from memory, it is actually storing and recalling the values you have given it for the sound’s various parame- ters.

Notes played on thie Poiy will also be sounded on the DW Rather they can be set ds for all pro- grams. If you amnual using a MIDI sequencer or computer then you can assign particular wd and data to particular channels. A request for the equipment’s MIDI iden- tification number. After you finish editting your sound, you store it into memory. Page 11 Shows program number.


Sequencer uses stored data to contro! Experiment with different combinations of sounds and detuning on the two synths.

Four of these modules will be used. An LED will light above the switch.

Downloads | DW – Owner’s Manual E | KORG (USA)

This adding useful second sound yoyr soorce, designed “breath noise” simulated acoustic instrument This 0SC1 sounds such sounds, msnual with create thicker, richer creating special effect gunshot sounds, more Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. However, to obtain the richness of real instrument sounds, you need a more complex harmonic structure than these conventional waveforms provide.

To select program numberi?

Korg footswitch PS-1 optional xamp e. Its setting can be stored for each pro- grammed sound.

DW-6000/Owner’s Manual E

Page of 58 Go. FREQ Determines speed cyclic pitch or tonal variation. Press the number keys to select the desired parameter. That Is, store your mamual sound under pro- gram number 1, the second sound under program num- ber 2, and so on. They cannot be saved on tape or loaded from tape.


The dot goes out if you return to its origina value. The higher the value, the more obvious the change in tone color timbre. A request for the DW to write data for the present sound to program memory.