6 Oct After toiling away like a Skavenslave, I’m finally finished with version of the 8th ed Skaven book! Clocking in at pages (maybe should. Warhammer – Skaven 8th Ed – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) Skaven are a characterful, black parody of mankind Warhammer army books. So a mate told me WHTW is based from 8th Edition army books. ive still got my 7th edition skaven army book somewhere around the house.

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Yes they will misfire more often than not. Craig 27 January at You cannons are stupid-good tier, as they can either snipe monsters mediocre due to the random strenght or obliterate large blocks of troops.

Warp Stars are ridiculously overpowered! These are just my opinions and rules I’d change. Now all of them are Clan Rats instead, and you control them.

Everyone I’ve spoken to thinks that is rubbish though but of course that is all just opinion and no one really knows. Unknown 19 November at If you want to use those rules for your Wolf Rat models instead, then just go ahead and do so.

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Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Skaven

I don’t see Skaven and beasts being early though. Or you can go full wkaven with Clan Eshin and use loads of night and gutter runners! Mathias, I absolutely love your work.

Marc Beck 6 October at If you haven’t gathered: 8thh may replace their Great Weapon with a spear and shield for free. Lesser Wolf Rats https: I think it is unlikely myself with the quality hardback army books we have been getting.

I will release the new update later this week, just need to give it a little more polish first: We need a new book as we’ve a lot of tricky rules that need cleaning up but we’re also well down the release line.

Changing back to the old one? This item will ship with a tracking number. But maybe you could change the name of this unit such us: But regardless of winning potential, they are fun to play. Only issues with redoing the other 8th ed books is that it will be difficult to make them look better in terms in graphic design since I work with zero budget, and don’t have access to GW’s original documents.

You’re looking at a used 8th edition Skaven army book for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. What happens to a unit of ogres or a monster with T5 that is hit by this spell?


Warhammer Armies Project: Skaven 8th ed book out now!

This comment has been removed by the author. Are there any contradictions and spelling mistakes in particular you could point out so I could fix those too?

Makes it less unreliable and also means that a Wargor isn’t mandatory for every beastman army.

Apart from these points I really like the book. Skip to main content. I would expect Skaven and beasts in either late or more likely Unknown 16 October at You are doing an amazing job. Roland Strom 10 October at Roland Strom 6 October at No Warhammer Fantasy Army books are considered current as Warhammer: GW, sucking the fun out of the hobby since Randy Giesick 6 October at Views Read Edit View history. It is vibrant and clean with supple pages.

I might do simple game-booklets for that in the future.