Type in a SNOWTAM in the text area below, and press “Decode”. The report will be decoded to human-readable form. (The decoder is not yet complete, and. 24 Feb made preferably by use of the SNOWTAM format, or the NOTAM Code and plain language. Information concerning snow, ice and standing. A typical SNOWTAM will consist of a header block, which contains the addressees, the date and time of issue and the.

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The following changes relating to runway conditions are considered as significant: The values are followed by the measuring device used, with the ICAO-abbreviation of Surface friction tester high-pressure tireseparated by a blank space.

We also provide a Runway State Decoder as part of Airports. The estimated value shall not be expressed in wording, but only as the equivalent single digit.

This wiki is licensed under a Creative Commons 2. Has it made your pre-flight preparations more efficient and less time consuming during winter ops? When reporting of more than one deposit-type for each third, the first number in sequence shall be the upper deposit type.


Item K If runway lights are obscured or partially obscuredinsert YES followed by L, R or both LR, as viewed from the threshold having the lower runway designation number. Separate the apron designators with space. A single tap will result in the report being translated into plain English for easy understanding. This compressed syntax can be used if there are groups of taxiways with the same values of contamination and surface friction: The syntax for the time of next measurement is mmddhhmm, which makes 8 digits.

Decimals are not allowed, so round-down to the nearest whole number. When quoting a measured coefficient, the observed two figures shall be inserted. And here is another oneā€¦ The values shall be inserted for all three thirds of the runway, even if the values are the same.


Item J If snow banks are present, insert height in centimetres and distance from the outside edge of runway in metres, followed by left L or right R side or both sides LRas viewed from the threshold having the lower runway designation number.

Or a link to one on the web As in the examples above, if the whole runway length is cleared, Item D shall be left out. The second example shows that further clearance will be made on metres of length, and 45 metres of width. Item E Cleared runway width in metres, if less than published width; if offset left or right of centreline, add L or R, as viewed from the threshold having the lower runway designation number.

The measuring equipment used can also be specified in Item T. The taxiway designator does not need to be included. These examples show incorrect separators between the values.

SNOWTAM Encoding Guidelines

Wish me luck for 6am tomorrow morning Should have though as it has it in English too! Measured eecoder calculated coefficient two digits or, if not available, estimated surface friction single digit in the order from the threshold having the lower runway designation number.

Do not insert free text about the status of the cleared runway in Item D.

This is an incorrect syntax in Item H. The example below shows that there are snowbanks 50 cm high on the runway, at a distance of 5 metres from the edge. The round-down will put the snow bank in the least favourable position.

The number indicates the distance between the snowbanks in metres. There correct way is to have a space there: Comments and suggestions with regard to the content of this page shall be made by e-mail to the following e-mail address: Item A Aerodrome location indicator four-letter location indicator. Drifts, depths of deposit appreciably greater than the average values or other significant characteristics of the deposits may be reported under item T, in plain language “.

Item L If further clearance will be undertaken, enter length m and width m of runway or TOTAL if runway will be cleared to full dimensions. In this article, we will show you how snnowtam use both options for Android and iOS. Basically, more info on fields required When informing about a runway closed in Item Talso include Item C to indicate which runway it concerns.


Measured or calculated coefficient expressed with two digits in the order from the threshold having the lower runway designation number. I can’t find one anywhere!!! The example below shows that the depth snowatm the deposit is not measurable or operationally not significant. Information on which part of the runway that is snnowtam cleared is done in Item T. Cunning these training captains aren’t they? The example below shows that the depth of the deposit is 20 mm for each third of the runway.

SNOWTAM Encoding Guidelines (M Encoding Guidelines) – XWiki

In the example, a decimal in the value for the distance from the edge is include. It is the right side of the centerline that is cleared, as viewed from the threshold with the lower designation number. The values NIL shall not be used. Example of information of closed runways, taxiways or aprons due are closed, sniwtam to contamination.

Try this link to an MS Word doc. Just can’t remember the order they are laid out in. Item N The code for Item F may be used to describe taxiway conditions; enter NO if no taxiways serving the associated runway are available.

Item D Cleared runway length in metres if less than published length. Simply fill in the defoder by transferring the snowtwm from your pre flight brief to the relevant field. Insert a code 9 when surface conditions or available friction measuring device do not permit a reliable surface friction measurement to be made. This example is valid when information is available for individual taxiways serving the runway.