27 Sep GUEST AUTHOR BLOG: The Education of Millionaires: Do You Want a Degree, or Do You Want Success by Michael Ellsberg author of “The. I didn’t feel there was much here, he’s mostly commenting on other books and giving a textbook demonstration of narrative fallacy and confirmation bias. Written by Michael Ellsberg, Narrated by Erik Synnestvedt. Download the app and start listening to The Education of Millionaires today – Free with a 30 day Trial !.

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And not just the lessons but millionaores instructions on how to replicate their success by finding mentors, tips for investing in yourself and marketing the brand the education of millionaires michael ellsberg You.

Impress your colleagues with your book smarts in no time. The book comes at a critical time as more ellsbefg more graduates find themselves buried in debt but without a job to show for it. But a summary can only be so long… Success Skill 1: Lots of useful info and stories about how others put themselves into a position to win.

The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think and It’s Not Too Late

The point he made is not entirely invalid, but dangerously misleading. I just don’t believe that the anti-standardized education movement any favors by writing this book, this topic should really be left to the experts like Alfie Kohn. These people invent, lead regardless of titleconnect others, make things happen, the education of millionaires michael ellsberg create order out of chaos.

Perhaps the message of Mr. May 06, Michael Huang rated it it was ok.

The Education of Millionaires – Actionable Books

I found myself wanting to rush out and do whatever Michael suggested. Each of the success skills except for 1 which pretty much was the basis of Wishcraft by Barbara Sher and probably deserved much more attention than Michael could provide in this book outlined in this book had a profound impact on me. For those who don’t want a lifetime subscription to “settle-for-less”, there is an alternative.


This is one of the many brash, unsubstantiated, unenjoyable and entirely unnecessary proclamati Great in concept, very poor in execution. Learning the skills in this book well is a necessary addition to any education, whether you’re a high school dropout or a graduate of Harvard Law School. I did research on everyone he mentions, read up on their marketing, learned more than the education of millionaires michael ellsberg and have prospered ever sense!

He may be a rich CEO, but he may also be overweight or has trouble keeping a steady girlfriend. And what is a grade mihael not a measured achievement target?

Success is based on your ability to market and sell yourself, which most people see as morally fraudulent. If you adopt those two views, you will go far.

The Education of Millionaires

I call this soul-sucking, dream-stealing dogma “The Slowlane” – an impotent financial gamble that dubiously promises wealth in a wheelchair.

In this book, Michael Ellsberg lists down 7 skills of success, and in my personal opinion, these are 7 practical skills that you can actually apply and improve on. Ray Dalio, Jeremy Bobb Length: He pretty much only talks about and interviews people who are ultra wealthy who dropped out of highschool or college because they had a good idea or a dream.

He then goes on to say that working a low wage job such as that really doesn’t make much of a difference in the world and from here he basically goes on to argue that the only way to make a difference in the the education of millionaires michael ellsberg is by being wealthy. the education of millionaires michael ellsberg

The Education of Millionaires – Audiobook |

This book elllsberg boils down to a number of simple ideas: On the education of millionaires michael ellsberg other hand, the author takes an extreme viewpoint which needs to be taken the education of millionaires michael ellsberg a grain of salt, but a recommended read all the same.

My only complaints are that the book is too long so many similar anecdotes that they started to blur milloonairesmuch of the information is really just a set of pointers to other resources still a good thing–just not convenientand the previously mentioned strongly anti-formal education tone.


Millioonaires how to be successful ie, earn money from an activity is as valuable as becoming adept at that activity. To ask other readers questions about The Education of Millionairesplease sign up.

It tells you to banish the attitude of entitlement which is so stifling. It’s not about their ability to act. Additionally, I listened to this audiobook via Audible and took notes.

I couldn’t get past the introduction Those are your options. Michael Ellsberg, in “The Education of Millionaires”, argues the educational model in the United States is not the education of millionaires michael ellsberg responsible for perpetuating an “employee” versus an “entrepreneur mindset”, but is also broken, too expensive, and ill-suited for the chaotic, flat, disruptive, and digital world in which we live.

But we get to choose what it means. I did learn one small insight from this book hence two stars not one. If ,ichael want to make an impact in a certain way, you might have to do it yourself.

Open Preview See a Problem? What every successful person needs to know about marketing, and how to teach yourself 4. Myself millionairs, I went to college without even thinking that there was an alternative.

How to make your work meaningful the education of millionaires michael ellsberg your meaning work – Success skill 2: How well does your career reflect the effort that educatlon put in at university?

Credentials will not prepare you for these situations, only experience will. It begs the question, what exactly are we paying for? I thought I was going to be reading a business book about detailed case studies of successful businessmen and women. Play in new window Download.