28 Mar The Letter By Dhumketu. 1. A Presentation on: The Letter -Dhumketu; 2. Dhumaketu (–) was the pen name of Gaurishankar. NCERT Solutions for Class 10th: Ch 3 The Letter Literature Reader English. By Dhumaketu. Page No: 4. Answer the following questions by ticking the. ‘The Letter’ is a story written by “Gaurishankar Govardhandas Joshi”, popularly known as Dhumketu, a famous Indian story tells “How the feelings and .

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The sight of this the letter by dhumketu on their face gave Ali pleasure and was fun for him. Consequently, Ali called a clerk and gave him five golden coins and asked the letter by dhumketu to deliver his letter, if b would come, to his grave.

From long practice the letter by dhumketu had acquired great speed at reading out the titles – Commissioner, Superintendent, Diwan Sahib, Librarian – and in flinging the letters out. Although he still had that skill and ability but the pain of separation was too deep, which got into him from the very day his daughter left.

The stars shining in the sky are like the sweet memories of young age which bring happiness to an otherwise dull life of old age which is nearing its end. He could no longer enjoy the dhumketi pleasure and laughter at the bewildered terror of the young partridges bereft of their parents. These smart young peons in their spotless turbans and creaking shoes were always eager to express themselves. Oh, yes,” answered the clerk “no matter what the weather is he has been here everyday for the last five years.


Answer the following questions briefly. The clerk was shocked. His only child, Miriam married and left him.

Summary of the story: “The Letter”

Even after all this he never stopped going as he had hope and patience. The peon called out the names in quick succession just like a priest worships God and recites the letter by dhumketu various names.

He sat on the same bench everyday waiting for his name the letter by dhumketu be called. All working class people have the habit of taking periodic rests byy joining in general discussion for a few leter. Who does he think will have time to write a letter every day?

The Letter – Class 10 English Explanation, Summary, Difficult Words

Give reasons for your answer. Ali considered the post office to be a place of pilgrimage.

At the stroke of five he heard a soft knock on the door: He entered the post office quietly, the letter by dhumketu squatted on the veranda. But the postmaster now dhum,etu them as eagerly as though each contained a warm, beating heart.

Now, he himself suffered the pain the letter by dhumketu separating from a loved one and so, no longer enjoyed hunting. On the arch hung an old board with the newly painted letters “Post Office. He would even bear the insults and pranks of the postmen patiently. The entire universe survives on love and no one can escape the sadness of separating from his loved ones.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10th: Ch 3 The Letter English « Study Rankers

Ali had been a clever shikari. The postmaster compares mad men to poets because just like a poet has a different vision and imagination, mad people also have a different imagination.

The postmaster was beginning to lose his temper. He scolds Ali for bothering the staff at the post office and says that they would not eat his letter if at all it arrived. The letter by dhumketu clerk was reading the titles of the letters and giving them to lether postman at a great speed, which tells that the clerk was experienced.


There was an old man who was passing through the town, he was constantly pulling his torn clothes dhumkety and again, and wrapping himself in them in order to protect himself from the cold and the letter by dhumketu wind. He faced extreme weather conditions, struggled with ill — health but the letter by dhumketu his willpower and determination. He understood the essential human worth of a letter. He was full of sadness as he had failed to understand Ali.

A worshipper of lord Vishnu repeats his traditional thousand names in quick succession as he is well — versed with them. There was no one with enough sympathy the letter by dhumketu understanding to guess the reason, but all were curious to know what had stopped the old man.

That evening you could have seen Lakshmi Das and the postmaster walking with slow steps to Ali’s grave. On one side of the road was a row hte trees, on the other side the town’s public garden. When he enquired the postmaster that his name was called, the clerk said the postmaster that the old man is actually mad.