2. Generating the Bodhicitta. I will perform this sadhana of Vajrapani To clear the obstacles that obstruct spiritual progress. For the benefit of all sentient beings. Vajrapani Guru Yoga PDF-This practice requires the student to have permission/ empowerment received from a qualified master in order to engage in the. Vajrapani Sadhana by Mipham Rinpoche. Vajrapani Sadhana. Availability: InStock. $ Add to cart. Description. Vajrapani Sadhana by Mipham Rinpoche .

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Vajrapwni enlightened vajra masters are Vajrapani himself. Confession and Aspiration Any impurities in the presentation Of this assembled offering I confess in the presence of the Dakinis and Dharmapalas. He is thus the very supreme master of secrecy of all Tathagatas. The [long] Bhutadamara Tantra ofverses has remained in Oddiyana.

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Mantra of Vajrapxni Bodhisattva. All auspicious goodness becomes manifest And the two stocks of merit and Wisdom are attained. Consecrating the Offerings I make these offerings to Vajrapani, That you may protect me from all harmful forces And overcome all obstacles and difficulties. Standing proudly on the sun mat Is the wrathful figure of Vajrapani.

Vajrapani puja: clearing the obstacles

The Recitation of the Mantra On the surface of his body Are the three seed syllables: O Vajrapani, you who are one in nature With the inexpressible Dharmadhatu truth; Who with skilful means use wrathful methods To annihilate the forces of darkness and evil; You are one in nature with the three jewels And with the Guru, Yidam and the Dakini Who are the roots of all blessing, attainment and inspiration.

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O Vajrapani, wrathful protector, Come to our aid and avert, Turn back the strength of the magicians Who roll the magic dagger between their palms, Who fling the white mustard seed as magic, Who cast the magic weapons, Who prepare the destructive magic; The black magicians who beat the magic drum Who hold the whirring hand-drum Who cause the sin of strife: Manjushri represents wisdom, Avalokiteshvara compassion and Vajrapani power.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Vajrapani, you are one in nature with all the Sanghas! Email required Address never made public.

A shorter commentary was written by the Tsarpa teacher Zimwog Lhagsam Zangpo. Vajrapani Bodhisattva is the bodhicitta of all buddhas. Jeff Watt, [updated ]. A garland of fifty skulls adorns his body Since he is liberated from the rounds of existence. His right hand, which brandishes a vajra, is held close to his heart.

To the Three Jewels: His beard and brow blaze with fire And his entire body is enhaloed with flames. For the lineage of Atisha the text is found in the Narthang Gyatsa, a very famous collection of teachings.

This sacred and supreme unexcelled offering Fully adorned with the five desirable objects Radiates out the light rays vajrapai the five Wisdoms. Vajrapani uses the moon disc of the heart to equanimously bestow bodhicitta upon sentient beings, by reciting the following mantra: May I and all beings dwell in the deepest samadhi And realising the primordial perfection Of the vajra-like state of Reality Gain full and perfect Enlightenment. Today, let me tell you who Vajrapani really is.


Buddhist Deity: Vajrapani, Bhutadamara

Vajfapani the sky there appears a dark blue lotus With mats of sun and moon. Great hero, recognisable by the tiger-skin you are wearing, Trampling upon the hosts of demons And evil spirits, slayer of foes; Vajrapani, O wrathful one, be seated. Heart, brain, guts, flesh and blood; And the five fluids: In smoke and fire the three-fold world trembles like a star.

Encircled by a blazing aura of fire, You stand heroically with your legs flexed sadhxna apart, Angrily glaring with your eyes like the sun and moon; To you, Vajrapani, subduer of spirits, I make obeisance.

Through the strength of the samaya of theYidam May these ardent aspirations be fulfilled. So who is this Vajrapani? This light is the perfect bodhi heart seal.

May you pacify your harm and evil! All obstacles are entirely cleared And all hindering spirits and demons are subdued.

Vajrapani is the combined entity of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva and Vajrasattva.